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I took my car there to get fixed after I had smoking engine due to bad mechanical advise from road-side mechanics. They gave me the best estimate, and had the work done super quick! The customer service was amazing, and they were very polite and knowledgable!

– Olusola Obasa, Engineer
Customer Reviews

I would recommend AutoMecho Services to anyone without a doubt! Very professional and reliable. The best customer service and reasonable prices. My go to auto shop from now on!!!

– Aniedi peter, Business Development Executive
Customer Reviews

Automecho Services is no doubt professional and reliable. Top Notch customer service experience despite quality services we got very good prices. My vehicle got prompt attention and I will recommend them over and over again

– Wale Akala, Creative Director

Auto Maintenance FAQs

How often should I get my oil changed?
For a long time and sometimes still today, standard practice at many lube shops is to suggest oil changes every three months or 3,000 miles. In order to know when the best time to get your oil changed is, check the owner’s manual of your specific model for manufacturer-recommended intervals.
What do I do incase of overheating?
1. Kill the A/C and crank the heat. Immediately turn off the air conditioner to reduce stress on the engine. ... 2. Find a safe place to pull over. Pull over and shut off the car. ... 3. Check and add coolant (if you have it). ... 4. Restart the engine.
Do I need to charge my battery after I jump-start my vehicle?
The vehicles' battery will need to recharge fully for it to be fully serviceable, which is best achieved using a quality battery charger for several hours. Battery may need changes if it disappoint afterwards.
How do I know when I need new brake pad?
Signs You Need New Brake Pads 1. You hear a squealing noise. Picture this: You're out driving with the radio off and the windows rolled up. ... 2. You hear a clicking noise. ... 3. Bringing the car to a stop takes more time than it used to. ... 4. The nose of your car pulls to one side when you brake. ... 5. The brake pedal vibrates when pressed.
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