5 Engine noises that requires urgent attention

5 Engine noises that requires urgent attention

Do you notice a different sound from your car than regular?  Have you been noticing some sounds for awhile and you just decide to ignore it because you feel it’s just a normal sound. Paying attention to your car engine is important because the noise can be a clue that your car is not in good shape and something is not right.

When you hear a popping sound from your car engine, it means your car is facing several problems that may include a clogged fuel filter or dirty air filter, worn out or dirty spark plug or an issue with the distributor cap or rotor. These are signs that your car needs urgent attention and needs to be taken to a repair shop immediately.                                                                                                                                 

            The noise coming from the engine is very loud and impossible to ignore even though you try so hard to ignore it. So you have to find the cause of the noise so you will know how to fix it. When you are able to find the cause of the noise it will enable you to solve the noise problem correctly. That way further damages will be prevented.  According to wikipedia here are five reasons why your car engine sounds different noise in the first place;

  1. Faulty Muffler. 
  2. Leaking Exhaust. 
  3. Worn Engine Bearings.
  4. Engine Needs Oil.
  5. Old Torque Converter.

Now let’s look at five engine noises that need urgent attention, we know there are noises you hear from your engine that need to be checked and we also know the cause of the noise.

Here are five engine noises you should pay attention to 

1. Rumble: This noise is caused by a hole in the car muffler. When there is a hole in the muffler it can lead to leaking in the car and that can be very dangerous and can also lead to the rumbling sound, you will also notice your car shaking with the rumbling sound. That means your car spark plug is faulty and needs to be checked. The car cylinder might also be affected.

2. Squeal: This sound is also known as grinding brakes, this is a common noise from the bakes. This noise is caused by worn out brake pads or the fact that your car brake pads are not thick enough to keep the metal from touching the ground. If this is noticed early, the brake pads need to be replaced immediately.


3.  Knock: Faulty ignition will cause or make your car to make a knocking noise. You hear this noise because the fuel ignites within the cylinder therefore making the car sound like it’s knocking. According to Wikipedia a distributor cap, spark plugs or a fuel injector that has gone bad can be a few reasons why your ignition has become.


4. Hiss: This noise is also called chirping engine, overheating engine is one of many reasons your car is making a hissing sound, or it can be that the exhaust system or catalytic converter is plugged. Your mechanic needs to check your car if it’s making a hissing sound. Hot engines can also cause the noise too, because the car vacuum might be leaking. It can also be that the coolant is leaking from your engine. This could really cause serious damages to your car, so whenever you hear a hissing sound let a professional check what the problem is.


5. Popping: Hearing a popping sound can be very disturbing, it may be engine noise or may come from another area of your car. Popping sound is another noise that can cause serious problems to your car. This noise is caused by a leak in the engine exhaust and it can also be that the air filter might be dirty. Always let a mechanic check your car when you hear a popping noise.

Whenever you hear any of these noises from your car or from your engine, always make sure you let a professional check what the problem is.

Cynthia Eze

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