All you need to know about Spark Plugs

All you need to know about Spark Plugs

The work of a spark plug is to ignite light to the combustion chamber with the help of an ignition coil “heat range”.  If the spark plug is bad the engine will misfire (the engine will not function well) which will affect the performance of the engine. The temperature of the firing end of the spark plug must be maintained at a level high enough to prevent fouling, but low enough to prevent pre-ignition.  It is also referred to as “thermal performance”.  if you don’t change your spark plug, it will depreciate over time, so various engine issues will arise. 

Types of spark plugs

COPPER SPARK PLUG: The copper spark plug provides power and serves as a cooler in driving performance situations and also transfers heat faster. It is also a good conductor of electricity. The copper spark plug melting point is low because it is soft and is covered with a nickel alloy. 

The copper spark plug is made from solid copper and it is the cheapest and most common plug available. 

PLATINUM SPARK PLUG: There are two types of platinum spark plugs (single and double) platinum. A single platinum plug is like a copper plug with a platinum disc while a double platinum plug has a platinum disc on both the center and side electrodes. A platinum plug is very hard it has a high melting point. Because the platinum plug is very hard, it holds its sharp edge longer than a conventional plug up to 100,000 miles. It is also extremely hot and it helps prevent fouling. 

IRIDIUM SPARK PLUG: Iridium spark plug should be used by drivers that care about mileage i.e drivers who use their car daily that may be concerned about fuel consumption. It is six times harder and eight times stronger than a platinum spark plug. It can last longer than a platinum spark plug. The performance of the iridium spark plug is incredible and it will give you complete combustion and longevity that makes you not change your spark plugs frequently. It also has a high melting point. 

DOUBLE PLATINUM SPARK PLUG: Like I stated earlier in Platinum spark plug that it is of two types, “single and double”. A double platinum spark plug is also one of the four major types of spark plugs.  Double spark plugs are commonly extra strong than the single platinum and are more inexpensive than iridium spark plugs. A double platinum spark plug was formulated for waste spark.


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