Don’t ignore your dashboard warning lights

Don’t ignore your dashboard warning lights

Generally dashboard is a visual display of your car info, it can be used in different ways and it’s main intention is to provide information.  The dashboard will showcase or display an icon if something is wrong with your car internally.                         However there are three types of dashboard, operational , strategic, and analytical.

What do dashboard warning lights mean or what are warning lights?                                          Records show that, electronics system in today’s cars depend on many sensors that are connected to symbols and warning lights on the dashboard.

There are two main types of dashboard warning lights. Red warning light and Orange warning light. They are the icons that pop up when there is a problem that needs urgent attention.

Red warning light shows when there is a very serious issue that needs urgent attention. It could be a low engine or an overheating engine. When you see a red light showing on your dashboard, quickly call or visit any repair shop near you.

Orange warning light detects a fault and it manages the engine system that runs the engine. You don’t have to panic when you see an orange warning light but call or visit any repair shop near you for a check up.

According to wikipedia the check engine light is usually the most serious warning light because of the damage it can signal.  It usually indicate a serious issue that may damage the engine if ignored and may lead to a very serious problem that will put your car in harms way. So always pay attention to that.

Cynthia Eze

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