Hardex SAE 5W-30 SN Fully Synthetic Engine Oil (5 Litres)


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HARDEX 5W-30 SN is fully synthetic oil designed for the latest gasoline & diesel engines. Due to its very low viscosity, immediate lubrication at start-up is obtained as well as a high level of fuel economy. Its excellent fluidity provides better protection to the engine and increase horsepower with fuel conservation. SN engine oil meets the ILSAC GF-5- fuel economy requirement.


·        Excellent wear protection to prolong engine life

·        Superb fluidity over a wide range of temperature & operating conditions

·        Advanced deposits control helps to maintain a clean and smooth running engine

·        Good oxidation control in resisting oil thickening

·        Minimizes formation of sludge  & vanish deposits to keep engine clean

·        Conserved energy & fuel economy

·        Maximizes engine horsepower

·        Excellent emissions control


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