What you must know about Engine Oil

What you must know about Engine Oil

Engine oil is a substance that serves as lubricant for car engine. Oil is the blood in the heart of our vehicles, it is used to reduce wears and friction and clean sludge.

If you want to service your engine you will need to change the engine oil, air filter, and oil filter.
I want to throw more light on engine oil because most car owners in Nigeria need to have better understanding on why it is advisable to use recommended engine oil to service their car engine. After all, using the wrong engine oil has damaged a lot of car engine especially in Africa where there are no set standards for automobile maintenance.

It is advisable to change engine oil within every 3 months or when your car covers a distance of 5000 kilometers or 3500 miles.

There are three types of engine oil
Mineral Oil
Fully Synthetic

Fully synthetic is advisable for every vehicle because it has special ingredients. The special ingredients will reduce friction, wares, and sludge accumulation in automobile engines

Every car has its oil grading
Examples are:
0W-10 etc.

According to the society of Automotive engineering, the 5W-20 stands for viscosity grade
– [x] 10 -stands for viscosity at low temperatures
– [x] W – stands for winter
– [x] 30 – stands for viscosity at high temperature

Every car has its own recommended oil and it is written in the car Manual.


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